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Ethylphenidate buy USA

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Ethylphenidate buy USA


Ethylphenidate buy USA

Needless for you to struggle online trying to buy methylphenidate online when you know a legit research chemicals shop,ethylphenidate for sale| our main goal is to supply research chemicals to every place that needs it across the USA.  Ethylphenidate buys USA| We are here to supply you with the quality you have been looking for and also with the best online experience. Buy ethylphenidate at our shop without any complications.

Ethylphenidate is one of the strongest and best-selling research chemicals in the USA with a lot of customers buying it across the USA and Europe. Ethylphenidate buy the USA| We are here to satisfy you, so if you are buying from us, you should feel safe because you are actually very safe buying ethylphenidate from us. Ethylphenidate is analogous to methylphenidate in the classification of research chemicals

Characteristics of Ethylphenidate

The systematic or IUPAC name for Ethylphenidate is Ethyl phenyl(2-piperidinyl)acetate. The molecular formula is C15H21NO2 with an average mass of 247.332703 Da and a Monoisotopic mass of 247.157227 Da. Ethylphenidate when kept in its ≥98% purity form as a crystalline solid at -20°C will remain stable for two years

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Is ethylphenidate legal in the USA?

The simple truth is that ethylphenidate is a prescription drug that is used for school research an also scientific research. Ethylphenidate is also not explicitly controlled in the USA. You should not worry if you really need the drug because we got you covered, we will supply your package to your address without any issues because we have been in the business for a long and have mastered all it takes to ship your package without any issues.

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